Level 2


  • Reading the line and length
  • Footwork
  • Front foot drives and defense
  • Back foot drives and defense
  • 6 shots training
  • Running between the wickets


  • Run up drills
  • Adjusting the line and length
  • Bowling as per the field


  • Ball stopping drills based on position (attacking the ball, judging the approach)
  • Throwing drills based on game situation (underarm, overarm, aiming at the stumps)
  • Advanced Catching drills


Level 3


  • Playing spin and fast bowling
  • Strike rotation
  • Power hitting
  • Video recording and feedback


  • Ball variations
  • Field adjustments
  • Death bowling
  • Video recording and feedback


  • Reflex drills
  • Single motion fielding and throwing
  • Diving drills​

Now Introducing a Basic Softball to HardBall Transition Program


The Performance Enhancement Coaching program (PEC) @ UCL is designed for young athletes U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17 who are serious about taking their sports performance to new heights. No prior experience needed.

With the help of our specialist coaches, you'll be placed in appropriate skill level groups & receive focused training that will prepare you for 2024 zonal, Hub and national level championships and tournaments. 

Our coaches will work with you one-on-one to develop personalized training plans that will help you reach your full potential & achieve your athletic goals.

Sign up for UCL's Performance Enhancement Coaching today!

Management Team 

Amit Urs - +1 (508) 963-6020
Gopal Khatri - +1 (678) 520-2510
Anshum Verma - +1 (781) 860-3454
​Sriram Seetharam - +1 (781) 738-5682

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2024 Season Calendar​

From January 6th to November 10th

Level 1 
Sundays 2.00PM-4.00PM *

Level 2 
Saturdays 2.00PM-4.00PM *

Level 3: 
Saturdays 2.00PM-6.00PM*

Sundays 2.00PM-4.00PM *

The days and time are subject to changes based on tournament dates and availability of the facility. The exact schedules are conveyed at the start of every season and patrons will be communicated upfront.

Level 1


  • Batting stance and basic movements
  • Defensive playing
  • Basic driving skills and stealing runs


  • Holding the ball and wrist movements
  • Arm action and basic run up


  • Ball stopping drills
  • Catching drills 
  • Throwing drills

Highlights of the training includes:

•    A structured curriculum across 3 skill levels
•    Technical training and game knowledge development
•    Endurance & physical strength exercises
•    Opportunities to participate in various tournaments

Level 0

Introduce your child to the exciting world of cricket with this beginner-friendly sessions! Learn the basics of batting, bowling, and fielding in a fun and interactive way, fostering a love for the game from an early age. Perfect for budding young cricketers as well as kids who have played in the past who eager to explore the fundamentals of this dynamic sport!

As your young cricketer masters the basics, they'll unlock the gateway to advanced skills! The level seamlessly progresses, offering challenges and techniques that elevate their game, ensuring a smooth transition from beginner to skilled levels. Watch as your child transforms from a novice to a confident and capable cricketer!

Our current season starts on Januray 7th and open to kids from age 9-14 years. 

Venue - The Millworks, Westford, MA

Winter Season timings (January - March) - Sunday 7am - 9am

Join us for all levels of Youth Cricket Coaching​